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Hey! Are you troubled? You are trying to command Alexa but Your Amazon Alexa Not Working. You don’t need to worry. It is one of the most common issues experienced by Alexa users these days. In this guide, we will tell you each and everything that you need to fix this issue of How to Resolve Amazon Alexa Spotify not Working or Not Responding Problems.

Amazon has captured the wide share of the market by its wide selection of products, one among them is Amazon Echo dot. it's featured by the voice assistant i.e. Alexa. Just a command and it might follow you. However, sometimes you'll face Alexa not responding issue.

You are trying to command Alexa but Alexa not working to voice commands. You came at the proper article; this text is that the right blog to assist you fix Amazon Alexa Not Working issue. If you liked the knowledge just let me know within the comments section.

Most Common Issues Behind Amazon Alexa Not Working:

It would be very difficult for both of us to troubleshoot the issue without knowing the reason. So, let’s try to find the main issue behind Amazon Alexa Not Working.

Cables are not properly attached

Your Wi-Fi is not working properly

Echo device is placed too far from the router

Wi-Fi password is wrong

Physical interference

Alexa is not understanding what you are saying

Someone has changed the wake word

Amazon Alexa Spotify not Working or Not Responding Problems

For some users, Alexa says it’s playing Spotify but no sound comes from it. For others, their Echo device doesn’t show up in the list of available devices in Spotify. Some face the problem only while playing a particular Spotify playlist.

Simple Steps to Fix Amazon Alexa Not Working Issue:

1. Check All the Cables

All the cables should be connected properly, so check them wisely. It happens sometimes that because of loose cable connection, the device becomes very slow to respond.

2. Check the WIFI Router

Without the proper internet connection, the Alexa device will not work. Hence, you have to check if your router is working fine or not. Try to connect any other device with the same Wi-Fi, if found anything wrong then contact your network service providers.

3. Place The Echo Device Near The Router

If you will not place the Echo device within the Wi-Fi connectivity range, the device will not work fine. So, try to fix Echo Dot Slow to Respond by placing it near the router.

4. Check The Wi-Fi Password

It may be possible that you are trying to connect the device with the wrong Wi-Fi password. While doing the Echo Setup, if you enter the wrong password and proceed it, the device will try to connect again and again.

Hence, make sure that you have entered the right password while doing the setup.

5. Restart The Echo Device

If you have tried all the above given methods and nothing has worked out in your favor then restart the Echo device. For years, this is one of the most effective ways to fix the trouble. So, don’t think much and restart the Echo device.

6. Restart The Router

Even after restarting the Echo if Alexa Device Is Unresponsive then restart the router. To do it, remove all the cables and turn it off for some time. Reinsert all the cables again and then check if Alexa starts working or still the same.

7. Reset The Echo Device

Resetting the device is one of the best ways to fix the trouble like this. Hence, don’t waste your much time and reset the Echo device.

8. Try To Change The Wake Word

If still, your device is not responding to you back, try to change the wake word of the Alexa. You can easily change the wake word from the Alexa app.

After this, give some commands to Alexa and check if the issue got resolved or not.

Dial Alexa Customer Support Helpline Number +1-866-231-0111

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